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Stuart Murray Pakes, born 8 May 1949 in Luton, Bedfordshire UK.


Married to Linda Anne Rawlings, 5 February 1972

Amy Louise Marquette Pakes   Kirsty Lisa Pakes   Gregory Stuart Pakes


The prime reason for the existence of this Homepage is as a research tool, to share and receive information regarding the One-Name Study of the surname 'PAKES'. To date, my paternal line is documented for six generations. As the research progresses, so the site will grow, contributing to a full and comprehensive study.

I am willing to share any information I have, upon receipt of a legitimate request. One caveat is that, where ever possible, I will make it my responsibility to respect  the privacy of any living person, and no personal information relating to such an individual (other than information that is already available in the public domain), will be made available.

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